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The Losing Game: Writing Rejection 4/100

I once had a professor suggest that to some degree, all writers err towards overwriting or underwriting. I was raised reading epics like Lord of the Rings and I have a soft spot for adjectives. Needless to say, I'm prone to overwriting. It's a bad habit, but an easy habit to fix: Edit.

Some of the most common and helpful writing advice I've received over the years: "Trim the fat, kill your darlings, fuck an adverb, your favourite line probably sucks." It's good advice. Learning to love editing saved my writing like this guy saves this goal.

The rejection I received today knows all about economy of language. When I opened it, my instinct was to keep scrolling even though it had clearly come to its conclusion. Here's rejection 4. [WRITING REJECTION 4/100] Dear Erin, Thank you for your submission. We are sorry to say we have decided to decline your submission at this time. A number of factors go into such decisions, and while we must decline at this time, we hope you will continue to read and submit to The Antigonish Review. Thank you, and best wishes The Antigonish Review


In and out in less than 60 words. Consider me impressed. Something new to strive for. See you next time! - E. B. Kirsh

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