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The Losing Game: Writing Rejection 20/100

Aaand we're back.

We did it, folks. We're a fifth of the way to the goal of 100 rejections. It's been frustrating, frantic, and other f words, but damn if we didn't garner a respectable number of rejections for the good year 2018.

I've been in a bit of a submitting slump and a writing slump lately, but big news - I am back in school doing my masters in creative writing because I am a practical-ass bitch. Do you know what this means?


And damn if it isn't about time. One of the metrics I track as a writer are how many unique pieces I send out in a year. It helps me know how much I'm producing and also, if something's been circulating and rejected a certain number of times (20is my number, it doesn't have to be yours,) that maybe it's time to edit it before putting it back out there. Rejection 20 is a submission comprised of 5 poems that have all been turned down a lot. In fact, the vast majority of my submissions that are out right now are pieces that have been rejected several times. Only 2 of my current submissions (and I have 19 out,) contain pieces that are on their first excursion out into the publishing-sphere. So yeah, school could not have come at a better time! (Coincidentally, I've never had fewer ideas for what I'd like to be writing, so, good luck to me. If you have ideas but don't want to write them yourself, send them my way.) So why school? Every so often I get itchy in this way where I know I need to be doing something a bit different. My astrology friends (and assorted instagram profiles) tell me that this is my Saturn Returns; my life reinventing itself according to outer space or aliens or something. My middle-aged friends tell me that this is symptomatic of my late twenties; my awareness that I'm approaching a time in my life that might have formerly been dedicated to settling down and/or evening out (unlikely, I'm more married to whiskey than I ever forsee being to any person/partner). The Zombies tell me that it's the time of the season. Whatever the reason, my skin is prickly with craving for new, and I plan on scratching like a lice-ridden kindergartner with poor self control.

The Who had a feeling 21 was going to be a good year. I have a feeling I might have something big to tell you for rejection 21. But for now, for nice round 20, here's something familiar. Another quote from the much adored and aforementioned 60s British invasion band The Zombies:


[WRITING REJECTION 20/100] Dear Erin, Thank you for sharing this work with The Adroit Journal. After a review of your submission, the staff has decided that it unfortunately is not quite right for the journal at this time. Best of luck placing this work elsewhere, and we hope to hear from you again soon!


The Adroit Journal


Classic. Until next time, - E.B. Kirsh P.S. Do you think Rod Argent would date me? I'd date me if I were Rod Argent. I'm going to just say yes.

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