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The Losing Game: Writing Acceptance 6/?

My friends, for the first time ever, I have (with permission of both journals, of course,) had poems that had been previously published be published again! HOORAY!

A lovely new online lit journal, sleazemag, (great name, no?) contacted me asking if I would share my work, and I was super excited. I sent them four pieces and they selected two of my older poems that I am so happy are getting new exposure. They're from the same period in my life (my messymessygrossgrossgoodtimesthough early twenties) and boy can you tell. I think these pieces capture a bit of the fun and regret of the time, and I'm feel quite tenderly toward both pieces. I'm very grateful to sleazemag that they wanted to publish me at all, and also wanted to publish these specific pieces. Here's acceptance 6. It's personal and I love it.


[WRITING ACCEPTANCE 6/?] Hi Erin, It's so cool of you to send us your writing to share! Such a privilege to be able to choose which to use as well. I love them all but to save your time will just look at the favorites - I Mean I Guess I Could is just awesome. Would be so happy to put it up on our zine wall. Very fun to be able to take a topic so pedestrian - a bedroom, and turn it into an exploration of oneself. It's like a classic creative writing exercise that's been smashed and transcends the assignments folder into the permanent portfolio folder. There's so many cool images, so much comedy and cleverness. And the end is an important reflection. Seeing someone's perfect life and perfect bedroom has to make you think if the insides match the outside, right? Besides, the Cosmo perfume room isn't as interesting. Since it was the other one that's been published, I guess it's no surprise P.S., Hair of the Dog is a Lie is a close runner up. I can almost smell all the moments I've spilled brown hard liquor on my clothes and it's just been there for the night, paired with party introductions, reading this. Reading about other's moments of alcoholic regret is really quite comforting, and I don't know why. I love this. I don't know if you've heard of a book called the Drunk Sonnets by a guy named Daniel Bailey but his work is a lot like this - stream of intoxicated consciousness that works to very powerful, poetic effect. Thank you again for taking your time to respond and sending us your work. sleazemag


Also, if you think that Drunk Sonnets is not 100% my jam, you are incorrect. They're very good. AN ACCEPTANCE WITH SUGGESTIONS? AM I THE LUCKIEST KITTEN IN THE LITTER OR WHAT?

Until next time, - E.B. Kirsh

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