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The Losing Game: Writing Rejections 60-69/100

November is coming to a close, the time change is active, and 4:30 PM feels like bed time. I hope you're all holding up okay, finding your coziness, building relationships with productivity that feel good to you. Us mammals get sluggish in winter and most of us don't live in systems that account for that. A way for me to defrazzle my brain is to read. Of course, attention span are a toll on mental energy and the entry point to a new book/story can feel draining, and if the story isn't well done, it might not pay you back. But a good story nurtures you, gives you something back. Ask your pals whose taste you trust for poem or story or book or TV recommendations. Cozy up and take care. Have cuddle puddles. Drink warm things. Enjoy some rejections?

Here they are babes:


[WRITING REJECTION 60/100] Dear Erin Kirsh, Thank you for sending us "The Model". We appreciate the opportunity to read your work, but unfortunately this submission was not right for us. Thank you for thinking of us, and— Best wishes, The Editors of Copper Nickel

[WRITING REJECTION 61/100] Dear Erin, Thanks for considering Flash Fiction Online for your Reprint submission, "Floral Bouquet" and "Do You Have a Lighter?" Unfortunately, we have decided not to accept them. We wish you the best of luck with your writing career and hope to see your name often (new stories, too!) in our slush pile. Sincerely, Flash Fiction Online

[WRITING REJECTION 62/100] Dear Erin, Thank you for sending us your poem. While we enjoyed reading your work, we're sorry to say it isn't a good fit for us at this time. Our submissions queue continues to grow, and we often have to reject many excellent pieces. Thanks again for trusting us with your work. Best of luck with this and all of your writing. Sincerely, The Editors Split Lip Magazine

[WRITING REJECTION 63/100] *Not on the shortlist*

[WRITING REJECTION 64/100] *Not on the shortlist*

[WRITING REJECTION 65/100] Dear Erin Kirsh: Thank you for sending "Five Poems." After careful consideration, we've decided against publishing this submission. However, our staff is available to read anytime between September 1st and May 31st. Feel free to upload another submission through your account at Kind regards, The Editors

[WRITING REJECTION 66/100] Dear Erin Kirsh, We enjoyed reading your work and appreciate the opportunity you've given us to consider it. Though we've decided not to accept it for publication, we're pleased that you thought of us and hope that you'll try us again in the future. Sincerely, Cumberland River Review

[WRITING REJECTION 67/100] Dear Erin Kirsh: Thank you for submitting to Bat City Review. We unfortunately do not have a space for your work at this time, though we did want to let you know that our editors enjoyed your submission. Please consider submitting again in our next reading period! Best, Bat City Review

[WRITING REJECTION 68/100] *After follow ups* Hi Erin; Oh. So sorry for the delay. Your submission became 'unbolded' in my inbox and I missed it, so thanks for following up.I'm afraid that your essay doesn't meet ________ current editorial needs. We rarely, rarely publish personal essays in _________ and even at that, this is considerably longer than our normal word limit of about 1800 words.Thank you for sharing your story with _______ and good luck in your writing endeavors.

Best, ______________ (please note that these word limits are different on the magazine's submission page)

[WRITING REJECTION 69/100] *Not on Shortlist*

Checks out.


Hope you're feeling a little warmer on the inside. Until next time! - E.B. Kirsh

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