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The Losing Game: Writing Rejections 75-78

If I have accomplished nothing else this year (and I haven't,) I've at least hit a personal all time high for number of rejections in a year. After the last rejection post where it was story city, I think I'm going to keep this one simple. With only a few weeks left in the year (decade) I'm going to take this blog back to its origins and leave it at mostly sharing the rejections themselves without preamble. I'll post 'em as they come up and as always, you can expect metrics.

I love it.


[REJECTION 75/100] Dear Erin Kirsh, Thank you for sending us "Three Poems". We appreciate the chance to review your submission. Unfortunately, the work is not for this issue. Please consider submitting during our next submission period. Thanks again and best of luck. Sincerely, The Nassau Review Editors


[WRITING REJECTION 76/100] Dear Erin, Thank you for your submission, "The Exhaustion of Living in a Christian Paradigm." Unfortunately, after carefully considering the piece, we've concluded it is not quite right for Brick. As a biannual journal, we receive far more work than we can publish and must often pass even on promising work. We appreciated the content of your piece but found it not to fit within our upcoming issue. We wish you all the best with your writing. Thank you again for thinking of us,

Brick, A Literary Journal


[REJECTION 77/100] Dear Erin Kirsh, Thank you for giving us the chance to read "To-Do". Unfortunately, we don't feel it is right for Hot Metal Bridge at this time. We wish you the best of luck in placing the piece elsewhere. Sincerely, Hot Metal Bridge


[REJECTION 78/100] Dear Erin, Thank you for sending us your poetry submission. We appreciated the chance to consider your work, but didn't feel that these were a good fit for Shenandoah. We wish you the best of luck finding the right homes for these poems! Sincerely, the editorial team Shenandoah


Okay friends. Hopefully not the last post for the year, Ive got 41 outstanding submissions.

There's room for more response still. Hearts, Stars, and Horseshoes, - E.B. Kirsh

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