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The Losing Game: Writing Rejection 85/100 & Writing Acceptance 5

Aren't I always telling you how editors are ceaseless hard workers? December 31st, New Years Eve, while the rest of the city is running around to liquor stores or picking up fruit platters from supermarkets to avoid showing up empty handed, editors are REPLYING TO SUBMISSIONS. I was one of these people, running around in preparation for New Years Eve, which my friends very gamely agreed was going to be a themed Tacky New Year thrift store celebration. While I was out trying on muu muus, XXL children's tights, and other things atypical of my wardrobe, my phone was buzzing with new e-mails. Mostly fundraisers trying to meet their goals before the end of the year, but among those, responses. Oh no, I thought. I'm not near a computer. I can't tell my friends and rivals in a timely manner! So we're wrapping up 2019 today, the 1st day of 2020. The rejection and the acceptance are going to be chilling in the same post. We're breaking all the rules. We're rebelling.


[WRITING REJECTION 85/100] Dear Erin Kirsh, Thank you for sending us "The Model". We appreciate the opportunity to review your work. Unfortunately, the collective decided against publishing in our upcoming issue. Sincerely, The Collective FreeFall


[WRITING ACCEPTANCE 5/5] Some of you may know I'm writing a novel. How's it going, you ask? Let's just say it's going I-wrote-a-comedy-piece-about-Gilmore-Girls-instead. That's how it's going. I told a couple of friends about the piece and they loved it. So I sent it to a site I see friends posting pieces from a lot: Thought Catalog. I sent it out and before I knew it, I had a response.

Hi Erin! This is an awesome piece and we’re really excited about it.


So congratulations to anyone who has ever wanted to know what their choice of Gilmore Girls man says about them. You're the real winner of 2019. See you soon with the metrics

and see you never, 2019! - E.B. Kirsh

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