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The Losing Game: Writing Acceptance 4/? 2020

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

It was only once it had passed that I realized my last post was my 69th ever post in The Losing Game. The occasion went utterly unmarked.

Have I, against my better judgment, matured?

I hope not. I think I just didn't notice. At any rate, we're discussing it now. That's what matters. Friends I am pleased to invite you to my fourth acceptance of 2020! It came to me from the phenomenal Kissing Dynamite. You may remember they sent me a very nice personal rejection encouraging me to submit to their next issue because my piece almost made the cut, but missed it by a smidge. Usually when I get these I am pleased, but I don't think of it literally. I assume it's a nicety and submitting again so soon again might be too much. But something about how inviting their note was made me feel like it was okay. A personal rejection like that can do a lot for the writer spirit and I'm so pleased that my piece Conversations with my Grandmother is now up on Kissing Dynamite. Incidentally, my grandmother is pretty happy about it too.



Thank you for submitting to Kissing Dynamite and trusting us with your work. We love “Conversations with My Grandmother” and would like to publish it in next month’s issue. We hope that this poem is still available as we would like the honor of giving it a home.

Your poem will be published in Issue #14 of Kissing Dynamite on the 1st of February 2020 before noon EST/EDT and will remain archived on the website for the life of the journal.  We ask for First World Electronic Serial Rights and Non-Exclusive Archival Rights, and all creative rights to the poem revert to you the author upon publication.  We ask as a courtesy that you name Kissing Dynamite as your poem’s first publisher upon reprint.

Again, thank you for sharing your art and vision with us--we hope our humble site does it justice.

Kind regards,

The Kissing Dynamite

Until next time! - E.B. Kirsh

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