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The Losing Game: Writing Acceptance 7/? 2020

Hi Hello Happy May everybody! I hope you and your loved ones are okay and I hope your Animal Crossing islands are thriving. I was doing a pretty good job of being productive and maintaining routine in March and April. Did I leave my house? No, but I kept it clean. I was almost getting cocky about then boom. May shows up on the scene and I'm all out of motivation. I'm not so much a person and more a hive of static that has chosen to assume a human shape. I've stopped experimenting with new recipes. I haven't read a book in a week. I've stopped rewatching The Office. I don't think I've tweeted in days. And all of that's okay. It doesn't make me exciting company at the moment, but in a pandemic, I'm thrilled to not have the excitement. There is one wonderful excitement though, and that's writing responses. I'm impressed as hell with the number of readers and editors going full steam ahead. And I'm grateful. Whenever I get an e-mail about a writing submission, it makes me go all:

So a big thank you to everyone who is still reading at this time and delivering a bit of joy to my inbox. It's honestly the highlight of these weird times for me. And a big, big, big thank you to the team at EVENT for this acceptance! I adore EVENT. ADORE.

and I'm so happy to have work appearing there again. Like, you don't even know. It makes me feel all:

Yeah. Having poems in EVENT elevates my feelings all the way to gif form. Words alone don't cut it.



Dear Erin Kirsh, Thank you for sending us your poetry. We would like to publish “Sunset from the Roof of a Strip Mall in Victoria, 2011" and "If Everyone Else Forgets” in either EVENT 49/3 (Winter 2020/2021) or EVENT 50/1 (Spring/Summer 2021). If you should have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks again, and best wishes for your writing. Sincerely, EVENT

I hope that whatever your current normal looks like, there are spots of joy. I hope there are gifs doing your feelings justice. I hope I get to see you all in person soon. Until next time, - E.B. Kirsh

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