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The Losing Game: Writing Acceptance 8/? 2020

To quote The Decemberists, a band of great prominence during my undergraduate experience, "July, july, july never seemed so strange." I also just notice that though the band is named the Decemberists, they wrote about July. You'd think they'd have special interest in December. But I guess in terms of music that means Christmas Carols, which, you know, a hearty no thank you. Anyway this is the kind of shit I think about and write about and sometimes people publish it, for which I'm deeply grateful. In this case, that someone is a journal I love, QWERTY!

This little West Coast dweller is thrilled to have writing appear on the East Coast. I'm really excited for the issue, not only do I love the journal, I'm a big fan of the guest editors. The whole thing is such a joy.

Here's the acceptance. I hope you're finding pockets of joy during these awful times.



Thank you for sending us your poetry. We would like to publish "When did I open facebook?" in the Ecology issue of Qwerty. Please respond to this message to confirm that your work is still available.



Qwerty Magazine

Keep on, - E.B. Kirsh

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