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Fiction: "Nests" | Gordon Square Review, Autumn 2022
Fiction: "Disappearing Acts" | Short Edition, Autumn 2020
Fiction: "An Exit Strategy" | Maudlin House, Spring 2020
Fiction: "Gemini" | Qwerty Magazine, Winter 2018
Fiction: "We Named Her Tabitha" | Stirling Publishing, Winter 2018
Fiction: "After Hours" | Cosmonauts Avenue, Spring 2018
Fiction: "The Wind of a Train" | PULP literature, Autumn 2017
Fiction: "Floral Bouquet" | Strange Days Books, Borderline Stories, Winter 2015
Fiction: "Do You Have a Lighter?" | Geist, Summer 2014


Poetry: "Something About the Apple's Proximity to the Tree," "Bad Air," "Sustenance" | Eavesdrop Magazine, Autumn 2023
Poetry: "L'dor Va'dor" | CV2, Summer 2023
Poetry: "Discordant Sounds" | Sunlight Press, Summer 2023
Poetry: "Almost Ended my Marriage, but we Have a Dishwasher Now" | The Pinch Journal, Winter 2022
Poetry: "Through Distance" | EVENT, Winter 2022
Poetry: "LG_TQ" | Plenitude Magazine, Spring 2022
Poetry: "Sunset from the Roof of a Strip Mall in Victoria, 2011", "If Everyone Else Forgets" | EVENT, Spring 2021
Poetry: "Statements of Exasperation", "December 23" | CV2, Autumn 2020
Poetry: "1963", Funicular | Autumn 2020
Poetry: "Witching", Speculative North | Autumn 2020
Poetry: "I Listen to Pop Music Now. It's Happy." | Kissing Dynamite PUNK Anthology, Summer 2020
Poetry: "The Absence", "Creation Done Different" | PULP Literature, Summer 2020
Poetry: "Stay True", "Hungover Divination', "Amen" | Vancouver Pride Magazine, Summer 2020
Poetry: "I used to dream about tsunamis" |  pulpMag, Summer 2020
Poetry: "Disparity", "Cascadian Nocturne (dim.)", "Mistakes Were Made", "Statements of Fact" | The /t3mz/ Review, Spring 2020
Poetry: "There is No Substitute for Good Planning" | The Maynard, Spring 2020
Poetry: "When Did I Open Facebook?" | Qwerty Magazine, Spring 2020
Poetry: "Conversations with my Grandmother" | Kissing Dynamite, Spring 2020
Poetry: "Short Days Long Nights Cyclical Annual" | Eclectica Magazine, Spring 2020
Poetry: "(((A Reminder)))" | Vagabond City Lit, Spring 2020
Poetry: "How Long Was I Out?" | CV2, Winter 2019
Poetry: "Competing", "Career Event Coordinator", "Beacon" | The /t3mz/ Review, Autumn 2019
Poetry: "Home, Past Tense", "I Dream of a New House", "Sign of the Times" | Feminist Space Camp, Autumn 2019
Poetry: "How did you die?" | The Molotov Cocktail, Autumn 2019
Poetry: "I Think of the Lake Back Home" | The Dalhousie Review, Winter 2018
Poetry: "To The Man Sitting In Front Of Me Who Had His Chair Pushed All The Way Back From Before Take Off For The Duration Of The 10-Hour Flight" | Winning Writers, Summer 2018
Poetry: "P.S. Hair of the Dog is a Lie", "I mean, I guess I could just vacuum once in awhile" | Sleazemag, Summer 2018
Poetry: "Places I Ruled" | Big Smoke Poetry, Spring 2018

Poetry: "After Leonard Cohen" | Plenitude, Spring 2018
Poetry: "Tales from the Alley #4"; "Grains" | subTerrain, Spring 2018
Poetry: "I Found Us Tangled in the Titles Again" | Junto Magazine, Spring 2018

Poetry: "For The Birds" | Noble/Gas Qtrly, Spring 2018

Poetry: "How We Spent Our Childhood"; "M o v e" | EVENT, Spring 2018

Poetry: "Monachopsis" | Poetry is Dead, Winter 2017
Poetry: "Travel Sense" | In/Words, Autumn 2017
Poetry: "Unsolicited Relationship Advice" | The Maynard, Autumn 2017
Poetry: "Ten Years Later" | The Molotov Cocktail, Summer 2017

Poetry: "Attachments Anyway" & Author Interview | The Malahat Review, Autumn 2016
Poetry: "I Don't Know What to Put on my Resume Anymore"; "I suspect I won't be happy until they start making 5 oz cocktails" | oratorealis, Spring 2016

Poetry: "The Bar Family's Estranged Cousin Attends the Nightly Reunion" | Arc Poetry Magazine, Autumn 2015
Poetry: "A Long Line of Pessimists" | The Quilliad, Spring 2014
Poetry: "Packing up a decade of your life because your parents are separating: the drinking game"; "On this shitty, hungover morning, I was like, 'how do you deal with mild self loathing, again?' Then I remembered I’m supposed to be a writer."; "I mean, I guess I could just vacuum once in awhile." | Drunk in a Midnight Choir, Spring 2014


Non-Fiction: "Parks and Recreation's Uncomfortable Jewish? Representation", Alma, Spring 2022
Non-Fiction: "Bodily Bias" | Barren Magazine, Autumn 2020
Non-Fiction: "20 Small, Imperfect Acts we Can Perform in a Time of Climate Catastrophe" | Thought Catalog, Spring 2020


Review: "On One and One Half of You" | Revolute Magazine, Spring 2023
Review: "On The Gospel of Breaking" | The Ampersand Review, Summer 2021
Review: "The Problem with The Problem with Solitaire (is that you'll Wish you'd Written it)" | Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Spring 2021
Review: "A Marriage of Sorrow and Hope: A Review of Brandon Wint's Divine Animal" | PRISM International, Winter 2020


Humour: Choose Which ‘Gilmore Girls’ Man You’d Date And We’ll Reveal What It Says About You | Thought Catalog, 2020

Awards & Distinctions

"L'dor Va'dor" ~ People's Choice Award in CV2's 2023 2-Day Writing Contest
"The Absence" ~ Nominated for 2021 Pushcart Prize Award

2 Poems ~ Nominated for Best New Poets 2020
"(((A Reminder)))" ~ Nominated for Best of the Net 2020
"How we spent our childhood" ~ Nominated for Best New Poets 2019

"How did you die?" ~ 5th Place in The Molotov Cocktail, Shadow Poetry Competition, 2019
"To The Man Sitting In Front Of Me Who Had His Chair Pushed All The Way Back From Before Take Off For The Duration Of The 10-Hour Flight", Honorable Mention in the 2018 Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest
"The Absence" ~ Shortlisted in EVENT's Let Down Your Hair speculative writing contest

"We Named Her Tabitha" ~ Second Place in Stirling Publishing's Short Story Competition 2017
"John Came Home Different" ~ Longlisted in Stirling Publishing's Short Story Competition 2017
"Ten Years Later" ~ Winner of The Molotov Cocktail's 2017 Shadow Award, Nominee for 2019 Pushcart Prize Anthology
"Floral Bouquet" ~ Fourth Place in the Eyelands International Short Story Contest
"We Named Her Tabitha" ~ Longlisted in The César Egido Serrano Foundation's 4th annual International Flash Fiction Competition
"Do You Have a Lighter?" ~ Second Place in Geist's 10th annual Literary Postcard Short Story Contest


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