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November 5, 2019

Hello friends and rivals,

We are gathered here today to read about this most exciting of third writing acceptances.

If you had talked to me in September, I wouldn't have thought a third acceptance was a possibility this year. I was certain after nearly ten months of u...

November 3, 2019

Hello again, friends and rivals! Happy November to you. Let's dust off our SAD lamps and pull our fleece onesies out from the back of the closet. It's almost hunkering down time, and you better believe I got a list of shows to binge longer than my to do list.

You may...

October 29, 2019

Hello friends and rivals, have I talked to you today about the importance of community? Because mine is responsible for an overwhelming amount of the good things that happen in my life.

By that same token, it's important to be a good community member when you can, to...

October 21, 2019

As of today, babes, it's late October, and once again despite all my best efforts I fear I may fall short of my goal of 100 rejections. With just over 10 weeks left in the year, I'm just above halfway to my goal. Valiant effort, but much like Primrose Everdeen the odds...

September 21, 2019

The tide of rejections had risen until I was tits deep and it was time to grab ahold of the lifeline: I asked my mother for advice. My mother, in case you weren't aware, is a badass. She is perhaps the most productive person in the Western Hemisphere, and is in additio...

September 21, 2019

Hello friends and rivals, good to see you here again. Good to be seen. I was texting a friend of mine who is sort of my creative twin. We went to high school together and aggressively, uncompromisingly gun down our goals. She's a fashion designer, so the industry is su...

August 11, 2019

Hello friends and rivals, nice to see you here again. I'm going to tell you a story about a writing submission that went awry.

On April 8, 2018, I submitted to a lit journal in the states that some of my American writer friends liked. It's not a huge, world-renowned l...

July 27, 2019

Mercury retrograde. You've probably heard about it now that astrology's been back in vogue for a year/has taken over your instagram feed. What does it mean, you might wonder grudgingly. The basics of Mercury Retrograde are that communication is fucked, especially commu...

July 16, 2019

Hello and happy summer, friends. These feel like heavy times so I don't want to spend too much space talking about small potato things like rejections and writing processes. That's just not really where my head's at these days. Here's a cute gif of small potatoes:


June 16, 2019

It is around the midway point of the year that one may begin to wonder what one is doing wrong. With no acceptances and 24 rejections, one starts to look for signs they have missed. First, the work itself. It feels like the writing one is creating is superior to one's...

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